Upcoming Partial Lunar Eclipse: Cyprus to Witness Celestial Spectacle

Upcoming Partial Lunar Eclipse: Cyprus to Witness Celestial Spectacle

A partial lunar eclipse, which will also be visible in Cyprus, is set to take place on Saturday, October 28.

Astronomy Expert Krysanthos Fakas Unveils Eclipse Insights

As per the statement from the Fakas Observatory at the Cyprus Astronomy Center, astronomy expert Krysanthos Fakas provided the details. The eclipse will commence at 21:34 when the Earth's shadow begins to creep in and is expected to end at 22:53, while the maximum point of the lunar eclipse, also known as the "greatest eclipse," is expected at 22:14. This phenomenon will last for 1 hour and 29 minutes.

During this eclipse, the moon will cast its shadow on a small part of the moon's disk. However, it will be visible from all parts of Cyprus and beyond, including Europe, Asia, and Africa.According to the statement, a lunar eclipse happens when a third celestial body blocks the path of two other celestial bodies, causing them to lose their direct line of sight with one another.

Upcoming Partial Lunar Eclipse: Cyprus to Witness Celestial Spectacle

Cyprus 2023, the largest environmental campaign and simultaneous public action in the Republic of Cyprus, officially kicked off under the guidance of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Christodoulides. The organizational part of this campaign is being led by the environmental and social network "Together Cyprus," in cooperation with the Commissioner for the Environment's office, who is overseeing the entire campaign. Two organizations that support this effort are the Department of Forests and the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment.

Joining Forces for a Cleaner Earth

Let's get moving! Cyprus is part of Let's Do It World! a global effort to preserve the environment, clean up natural regions around the world, and raise awareness of environmental challenges and sustainable land and marine environment management. This campaign started in Estonia in 2008. Today, it includes 210 countries and 89 million volunteers.Andreas Angelis, the President of Together Cyprus, commented, "What seemed like an impossible dream just six years ago has now become a reality. A group of enthusiasts brought all of Cyprus together for a common purpose — to clean up the environment which doesn't depend on borders and isn't driven by individual interests. We owe it to future generations to leave behind a healthy and clean Earth since nature is our shared legacy.Public institutions, private companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, individual efforts, and non-formal groups join forces every year in our great endeavor and strengthen cooperation. Success is a skill that each person may develop. We are grateful."

The campaign will begin on Sunday, October 22, 2023, with the President of the Republic leading a cleanliness operation in the Zygi Fishing Reserve. Throughout the event, various government departments and state authorities will be cleaning the Zygi Fishing Reserve and Zygi Beach, with the President of the Republic personally leading the effort.

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