Qantas Announces Airfare Price Hikes as the National Airline Battles Rising Costs

Qantas Announces Airfare Price Hikes as the National Airline Battles Rising Costs

Airfare prices are on the rise as the national airline grapples with increasing costs.

Price Hike Announcement

Ticket prices for both domestic and international flights with Qantas are set to increase by 3.5% from October 27, putting more pressure on Australian consumers.

Passenger Frustration

According to Qantas, the price increases are a result of the company's efforts to absorb the growing cost of fuel. However, this move has left passengers feeling frustrated.

"It feels like they are ripping us off," one disgruntled woman told 9 News. "Australians don't like it."

Jetstar flights will also become 3% more expensive from next week. This price increase may pose a challenge for families coming together during the Christmas season when the holiday season is just around the corner.

Last month, Airline Qantas had foreshadowed changes in their announcements, stating that "there has been a near 30% increase in fuel prices since May 2023, including a 10% increase since August."

Qantas has cited various factors, including ongoing disputes in the Middle East and a weaker Australian dollar, as responsible for their decision.

Qantas Announces Airfare Price Hikes as the National Airline Battles Rising Costs

"As previously flagged last month, pressure on fuel prices continues to rise," said Qantas in a statement.

"The ailing airline is already under pressure as it deals with the aftermath from the public crisis, and the revelation of probable price rises is likely to make things even worse.The Qantas Group has absorbed the most recent fuel price hikes, but given more general economic issues, such as persistent uncertainty and a weaker Australian dollar, more fuel price increases are anticipated.
 in the near term."

A spokesperson confirmed that the price increase would be an average of 3.5% for Qantas and 3% for Jetstar. The actual increase may vary depending on routes and cabin class.

The changes will apply only to bookings made from October 27, 2023. Customers who have already made bookings won't be affected, the airline confirmed.

Qantas, which owns Jetstar, announced a record profit before tax of .47 billion last fiscal year.

As the struggling airline struggles to deal with the aftermath from the public crisis, the revelation of future price rises is expected to put even more pressure on it.

Former boss Alan Joyce resigned amidst multiple scandals in September, including allegations that Qantas had been selling tickets for discontinued flights.

Joyce has dodged an inquiry into the failed union-backed takeover bid after the Senate inquiry collapsed earlier this week.

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